Dedicated to Rutgers

by Anonymous

Tired eyes and rustled hair stared at me in the morning
Her mouth pursed in defiance, “Don’t judge”
Eyeliner besmudged.
Pretty, as she always wanted, but I remember
That she had been beautiful once.

I feebly stood before her as
Palaces of lies around me were built
The parties roared on into the night
As I watched my sister wilt.

It was the silence of others that haunted me the most
When she was seen by the world undisguised,
Honor vaporized.
I tried to cloak her from them, for her protection
She thought I was trying to suffocate her.

I lost the match to a sword with
Greek letters inlaid in the hilt
Faceless reapers smiled in victory
As I watched my sister wilt.

Beneath the female, a woman lay broken
But I could not, though I tried, her mend.
Failure of a friend.
If only I had jumped into the abyss with her,
Maybe she would have taken my hand,
Maybe we could have waded out together.

And the more I thought, the more my self
Became overwhelmed with guilt
Nations and empires rose and fell around me
As I watched my sister wilt.

When she looked in the mirror or in her camera lens
Did she see her soul flickering in her stare?
Sallow, crippled, bare.
Dear sister: I did not hate you, I loved you more than anything
The tears I shed for you in the dark, in prayer
The tears I shed for you.
If only you knew the extent of your cruelty
Towards those that only loved you.
Do not stare back at me boldly with those hollow eyes,
eyeliner besmudged—
It is not I who will judge.

Both wisemen and fools say there is no use
In crying over milk that’s been spilt
And so the demons dance around the fire
As I watch my sister wilt.


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  1. not-a-pride-member says:

    Right in the feels


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