Is it humanly possible to get enough sleep, have a social life, and do well in your classes? Well, you can at least try with the following tips:

1. Keep a calendar of when all of your assignments are due and when your exams are.
Being able to visually see when important dates are coming up is helpful, especially if you have multiple assignments due around the same couple of days. It’s much easier to see when you should start something.

2. Prioritize the things you have to get through.
A great way to do this is to make to-do lists and order the items on your list depending on their importance. You can prioritize in a lot of different ways, like by deadline or level of difficulty, so choose what is best for you.

a to-do list

3. Do the work that doesn’t require a laptop first.
We all get distracted by the internet so if you do those readings that you printed first, you’ll be more in the zone when you do have to open your laptop. Or if opening your laptop alone makes you less focused, at least you’ll have a lighter workload by the time you realize you’ve wasted an hour or two on the internet.

4. Give yourself rewards as you complete items on your list.
This could be anything from eating a piece of candy to a quick YouTube video.

5. Take breaks as needed.
You don’t want your brain to get fried, so take a break if you feel you need one. You’ll work much more efficiently if you feel refreshed than if you pushed on through studying nonstop. The key here is to not prolong your breaks.


6. Study with someone so they can keep your focus in check.
It’s much easier to convince yourself that you can spare some time to check Facebook, but not as easy if someone else is there who can see if you’re focused or not. This tip may not be good for you if you’re someone who is distracted by others while studying, so figure out what your needs are.

7. Figure out when you are most productive during the day.
When can you concentrate the best? Are you the type to get a lot of things done in the morning? Or will you be able to get more done during the afternoon or night? Do your most intense work then and leave the easier stuff for other times in the day. This can also apply to the days of the week.

Be sure to leave your own tips in the comments below!