Preparing for the New Semester

Welcome back everyone to the new school year! It’s exciting to return and start new classes, but it’s also terrifying and overwhelming because you haven’t really developed a groove yet. So, what do you do?

1. Get yourself a planner.
College can be overwhelming, so it’s an absolute must to stay organized.

a school planner

2. Actually USE your planner.
Write when all your readings, exams, papers, and other assignments are due for all of your classes in one calendar. This is the time to do it, because you’re (somewhat) not swamped with a ton of work. It may take some time to get everything in your calendar, BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT.

3. Figure out when you can pray with your schedule and where.
There are designated areas on each campus (minus Livingston), but even figuring out where the sorta empty hallways and areas are can be helpful if (when) you’re busy and won’t be able to make it to the student center and back to your lecture hall in time for your exam.

4. Make friends in your classes!
Not only do you get to meet new people but now you have automatic study buddies.

5. Your academics are definitely important, but give yourself time to relax.
Because hey you’re human and too much stress is bad for your health. Set aside a designated time each week where you can focus on making sure you’re mentally okay.

6. Like our Facebook page and follow @rutgersmsa on Twitter.
You definitely want to stay updated with where the cool events are, and you can find out how to get more involved with the MSA’s different initiatives. (Hint: check out this week’s event.)

7. When you’re feeling the stress, make du’a.
When you’re not feeling stressed, make du’a. Also remembering your fellow brothers and sisters in your du’as is nice, too. We know we could all use it.


8. Find yourself a reliable study space.
Whether it’s that one table in the library, a certain area in the student center, or your kitchen table, it’ll be much easier to focus when you’re in the habit of studying in the same spot.

9. Remember it’s okay to be stressed out.
It doesn’t mean you’re adapting horribly to the new semester, it just means you’re a college student. Be sure to seek out the proper resources if you need them and turn to Allah for guidance.

If you have any helpful tips, be sure to leave them in the comments below! Otherwise…GO CONQUER THIS SEMESTER!!


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