Welcome Home

Peace, brothers and sisters! Welcome back—or for the first time to our transfers and freshies, welcome to Rutgers, and welcome home to your MSA family! We’ve got loads of stuff planned for this year, Insha’Allah, both on this blog and definitely off of it, so be sure to stay on the lookout here, on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here at Submissions, we’ll be tipping off with tips on how to get through the semester (and those days when New Brunswick decides to restyle your hijab), with reminders of our Creator and ultimate goal, with iman boosters, with cool profiles of cool Muslims doing cool things right in your community, with gifs, with thoughts, with infographics, with round-ups, and even more (phew).

But don’t forget: This is your blog, so drop a comment, submit a post, and join the conversation!

It’ll all go down starting this Thursday, right after RU-MSA’s Kickoff Luau. Because, hey. ʻOhana means family, right?

All the best with your studying, and hope to see you there! ❀


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