Getting Started

It comes time now that many of us are graduating, slowly moving away from the college scene and on to bigger things, Insha’Allah. We all helped with MSA, but who said Islamic work has to stop after college? There are so many initiatives to get involved with. One of them is Muslim Muscle. To reiterate what was said at the last MSA meeting, the goal of Muslim Muscle is to build a huge fitness center for both brothers and sisters, separated of course. 

It saddens me sisters have very limited facilities they can actually go to for exercise and recreation. It saddens me brothers have to deal with constant haraam when using the facilities present now. It saddens me the ummah has so much money but none of it is being invested into something like this. It saddens me every time you want to look up an exercise tutorial you have to deal with haraam. It saddens me our ummah has such a self inflicted illness. Muslim Muscle plans to change all this, bi ithnillah.

On our way to achieving the goal of the huge fitness facility, we will make halal exercise tutorials. We will have classes at select locations for those looking to improve their health. We will educate the youth and the elders about the Sunnah of the six pack. We will have a presence at large and small Muslim events to market and benefit others.  

Although this idea was started earlier on, because of college and MSA it was put on hold. Now that graduation is near, we can and will focus on this full fledge. But to accomplish this is not an easy task. Nothing can be done alone—that’s why the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa sallam had Companions. He taught us to develop a team…and that is the purpose of this post. 

If you are passionate about health and fitness and have skills you think can be of benefit to Muslim Muscle, please fill out this form. This team will be seriously committed to Muslim Muscle but can work with your schedule, so do not think this is a full-time job. This is something voluntary at first, but will become paid once established.

There is extreme dedication at RU-MSA and among the Muslim community. This is where the idea came to life, and we would love to work with you all even after college. So please, apply to help revive this Sunnah of good health and fitness.


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