When We’re Young

This is my last blog post of the year, so I wanted to leave you guys with something meaningful, or at least something I learned recently I thought was really interesting.

There’s a couple I know and have known for a long time. They’re interesting because even though they obviously love each other, they don’t have a balanced relationship. The woman, let’s call her Aisha, puts everything she has in it. While the man, lets call him Ali, doesn’t put anything in to the relationship, and doesn’t even realize the harmony of their relationship is because of her. I happened to watch one of their fights. During the fight they yelled at each other and within a second she apologized even though from what I saw he was in the wrong. When I asked someone about their relationship, I found out it’s been the same since they were really young, with her putting everything in, and him just accepting it without realizing he also had to work on their relationship.

The reason I’m even sharing their story is because it made me realize something. You become what you work on when you’re young. Whether you only pay attention to yourself, put Allah subhana wa ta’ala first, or if you devote your love into another person—that’s what you’ll become. I wanted to leave you with this so you think of how you spend your time this summer and all the summers after. This time we have now is valuable, so spend it on what we want to become. And don’t worry about failing, because you won’t if you’re consistent.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog posts for the year. Please keep me in your du’aa, and I’ll keep you in mine. Change the world this summer, and be all you can be!


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