by Saad Zafar

Often, it seems people walk past such beautiful, breathtaking, even inspiring scenes. This, particularly, was something I came to know as I started out with Macro Photography. I got my first DSLR only last year in March, a used old Canon 350D (2005 model) at that, but it has been extremely fun nonetheless.

Below are just a few assorted works of a library I intend to continue to grow, and though they are still in need of edits and are not the full-sized images, I thought they varied enough to get a small sampling. This world is created so beautiful—the ability to capture and share moments, I hope, will allow us to be more appreciative of that fact. Photography is easy to get into, it’s a very fun art, and though certainly not the only one I want to explore, it is something I have tried my hand at.

On a side-note: We do need photographers and videographers for the MSA, and for the #MuslimsOfRutgers in general. Please reach out to me if you would like to help! We can train you if needed.