An anonymous brother responds to last night’s very popular post, “A Message to Brothers from a Sister.” And, please note, all this competitive energy will be put to good use for the benefit of MSA and Islam Awareness Week (April 7-11). Come to this Thursday night’s IAW-prep meeting (7:30 P.M. at Paul Robeson Cultural Center, Insha’Allah!) to find out details about how you can represent either the Bros/Sis team and help spread the beauty of Islam at the same time! 

  1. What in Jannah does that even mean? Outspoken? It means (according to Google) frank in stating one’s opinions, especially if they are critical or controversial. So a brother thinks you like him because you state your opinion?
  2. Give the brother a chance, who knows?
  3. You repeated the point three times, I think someone besides the brother has a hard time moving on.
  4. To a brother, a like on Facebook is not about who likes it, but how many like it. You are a number on his quest for rule in the kingdom of Facebook.
  5. Chill with the redundancy.
  6. Sometimes manliness comes off as rudeness to those unfamiliar with it.
  7. I love this repetition, it’s like we are running out of points.
  8. Brothers will hold that door only to hear a sister say, “I don’t need no man to hold that door for me.” Fine then, open it yourself while you’re carrying that box.
  9. This is like opening that door, a gentleman goes to a sister and offers to carry the heavy box, and the sister insists she is physically capable of carrying her own box. Fine then, go open that door by yourself too.
  10. Wait so…salaams don’t have that magical power to make people fall in love with you?

I apologize on behalf of the brothers if we were rude at any point, but maybe this will give some insight on how some of us actually think. Hopefully stepping in our shoes will help clear any misunderstandings.

And don’t worry sister, we know you are a creation of Allah.