A Message to Brothers from a Sister

The following is a guest post from an anonymous sister to her brothers in Islam—just a few friendly tips of advice.

  1. Just because a sister is outspoken, do not assume she likes you.
  2. Did I mention she probably does not like you? (deserves to be stated twice)
  3. Please stop being paranoid and move on with your life, it will be better for you and the sister.
  4. Just because she likes your posts on Facebook does not mean she likes you.
  5. Facebook like button: danger! May cause drama for no reason or build wrong ideas in people’s minds.
  6. Also I understand the whole gender relations issue in Islam is a real and important one, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a cruel person to establish a distance from females.
  7. Be cautious, but don’t be cruel/rude.
  8. Holding the door for a sister won’t make the sister fall in love with you. (common courtesy, Bro, have you heard of it? Search it up on Google)
  9. Helping a sister carry boxes won’t lower your iman (well at least…I don’t think it should).
  10. Saying “Asalaamu Alaykum” to a sister is not a sin, nor is replying with “Wa Alaykum Asalaam.” She won’t fall in love with you if you say salaam to her.

Not trying to rant or be rude, but putting my recent frustration out there because a sister can get hurt from a brother’s rude behavior. Remember please, SISTERS ARE ALLAH’S CREATION TOO!

At the end of the day, everything comes down to our intentions, so may Allah help keep our intentions pure. Ameen.


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  1. muadhkhan says:

    I thought the stereotype was the other way around, sisters reading too much into the brothers’ actions? Ah well, these things are good to know, too. Jazakillahu khayran.


    1. Feel free to reach out to the brothers to write something from their perspective.

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    2. hanahamdi says:

      Yeah, maybe the stereotype was the other way around in middle school. Girls mature faster, and that’s a fact. Anyway, I agree with this post and I think it’s pretty refreshing to hear. Reminding people to treat other people as equal human beings in society, also known as civil rights, a concept Islam started (for the most part). Jazakallah Khayr. :)


  2. anonymous says:

    This is so true. I’m glad you emphasised the first one twice and also mentioned 3 and 4 right after. Seriously. But thank you for putting all of this out there. This needs to be spread widely.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m a sister, and I think this is a bit harsh. I have been treated kindly/respectfully by most brothers I have come in contact with. Hope your future experiences go better.


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