Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Muslim Muscle

1. Our bodies are Allah’s property:  Allah gave us our bodies, so keeping them in shape with the right intention is in fact worship. Imagine doing something you enjoy and getting good deeds at the same time!

2. It’s SunnahThe Prophet ﷺ, was not overweight or unhealthy. He was strong and lean. Be like him in every aspect.

3. It’ll improve health: This is no surprise. If we exercise and pay attention to what we put in, we will strengthen our immune systems, which in turn will be able to protect our bodies from bacteria and infection.

4. It will improve our moods: We humans are always stressed. But did you know exercising actually improves your mood? When exercising, our brains releases the “feel good” chemicals into our systems. Plus, a fit body can help raise self-confidence.

5. It improves our relationships: When we’re no longer stressed and feel good from working out, we’ll find interacting with people easier from the added self-confidence and energy.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. abdel khalek says:

    you must keep your health save because it a gift from Allah and Allah’s property:too you will be taken from you one day


  2. abdel khalek says:

    one day the day which you die and Allah ask you what you did with your body


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