Staring at a scenery of repetition
I stand alive through the snow
The cool wind hitting my body
The strength of my roots beneath me

My leaves have left me for the spring
The loneliness of my world
Oh! How the season has forsaken me

A distant memory of what it felt like to be alive
Quarreling with the taunting time
I lose myself

Forcing to love something that isn’t mine
The feeling of white is foreign
The feeling of death, nostalgic

 My branches shake with the cold winds
Trying to be one with my surroundings
But I fail, and my heart screams for Light

The sun hasn’t shone in a while
And I am not serving my purpose
Living has now become for the world but I am not meant to be lifeless 

Then one day, as the fear of death overtook me
And my breathing choked me at my chest
As I thought of what was to come after 

No more was I chained to darkness
Gentleness surfaced my skin as I stood tall humbled beneath the moon
Beauty beyond bounds I live for The Truth 

A cry for help answered with silence
The reason behind my existence emanating
For I am not the one overshadowed
I am the one that blooms


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