Sunnah of the Six Pack

Perfection is what was revealed to the Prophet ﷺ, and perfection is what the Prophet ﷺ was. Allah has wisdom behind everything that is decreed. There is wisdom in Islam coming to the Arabs, there is wisdom in Islam coming to the Tribe of Quraish, and there is wisdom behind Islam being revealed to Muhammad ibn Abdullah ﷺ. There is wisdom behind EVERYTHING Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did. There is wisdom in his speech, wisdom in his dealings, wisdom in his physical features, and the list goes on.

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the best of mankind. He was not only the epitome of spirituality but also the epitome of health. Such a huge part of his Sunnah deals only with his diet. Why then do many people ignore this? Did you know the Prophet ﷺ had broad shoulders? In a narration, the Companions said the Prophet ﷺ had a very wide chest. They described his hands and feet as “fleshed,” implying strength as a great quality in men. They described his walk as quick, so quick the other Companions couldn’t keep up with him. The Companions narrated the story of when he wrestled with the champion wrestler of the time, Rukana, and beat him! How does a man accomplish this if he isn’t physically fit? The Companions described the Prophet of Allah ﷺ as having creases on his stomach, and in another narration, they called them folds. This is something every man craves, something every man dreams of having. THIS WAS THE PROPHET’S ﷺ SIX PACK!! Why do we then, knowing all of this, continue to ignore this aspect when it comes to following his Sunnah?

It is a shame that because this Sunnah is forgotten, we have an Ummah predisposed to diabetes and hypertension. We have parents feeding junk to their children and keeping them busy with television. We have fathers walking around with potbellies due to laziness. Do you know what Umar did when he saw an overweight person during his Khilafah? He asked the person, “What is this?” The person cleverly replied, “This is the blessing of Allah.” Umar countered and said, “NO! Rather this is the wrath of Allah.” This was the anomaly at the time, but now unfortunately, it’s the norm.

I plan to change that. This is the reason behind the birth of Muslim Muscle. I hate seeing relatives and other fellow Muslims suffering from serious, self-inflicted illnesses. Muslim Muscle WILL change this, with the permission of Allah. Educate yourself with the Sunnah, follow it, and watch your life improve. When we learn the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad  ﷺ, let’s not skip over the Sunnah of the six pack.


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  1. leilaraheem says:


    LOL, definitely excited for more of your column. Welcome to the team, Azim!


    1. Thank you. Glad to be a part of it.


  2. Jaffer says:

    We must work out for the love of Allah & His Messenger


  3. Anonymous says:

    So when does this Marathon initiative begin?


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