Grand Project

Winter break ended. I came back to Rutgers knowing it would be a tough semester. Senior Design project has started. A yearlong endeavor in which we, Industrial Engineers, use all the knowledge that has been instilled in us to do this grand project and prove that we can do it; we are capable. A yearlong project…means long term goals…short term goals. Ideas, plans, budgets, data, and most of all commitment, effort and time. My teammates and I have already started planning and setting goals…but as real as this seems and as important as this is for my career, I realized something in the midst of it. This is a worldly gain.

I have become so preoccupied in this grand project, that I forgot that there is more to this life and to the next than this ‘grand’ project. I might not see tomorrow, I might not see the next second…these goals: long term and short term are just the pathway I’m paving for my future…the realization I’ve come across is that my actions, my thoughts, and my time should be spent for not only this world’s gain, but more so for the life that will be everlasting. The next life—with endless goals, long and short—that will require endless planning.


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