The Online Islamic Database

We constantly talk about Islam being modern, and catching up to modern ways. We have new interpretations of certain ahadith because of the way the world evolves. It’s become much more modern, yet we’re still stuck behind.

Islam is not Internet accessible. Try searching anything related to Islam. You’ll quickly realize the sites that show up are usually opinions from uneducated people, or if you do happen to fall on an educated opinion, rarely do they let you know who said it or what sect of Islam they believe in. If you’re looking for something specific it’s almost impossible to find a reliable answer.

Islam is recorded in books and even videos, but not in text on the Internet. In this day and age, books are used less and less. But if all of our knowledge is recorded in them, how do we easily access that knowledge? How do we know what information is right and which is meant to mislead? Our scholars need to come together and create a forum or a website about all the different opinions on different subjects. This would be a huge project, but an essential one to allow Islam to continue growing, and to spread the truth and not lies. 

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