The Light of a Tree

The different seasons; the many signs. How can we ever be so blind? Have you ever really looked at a tree and observed its characteristics? Verily, there is a sign. A tree’s roots grow and get stronger. But it can’t grow merely on its own; it needs water, sunlight, and a whole lot of care. It spreads its roots and will sprout and benefit others. Its very existence grants us oxygen, how can you not tell? Autumn comes by, the leaves get old. What was hidden underneath begins to show. The different colors, and the pigments of what it really was, it begins to fall. As time goes by the tree starts to look lifeless. Its branches kneel closer to the earth, and no water can replenish it.

Winter comes along, and the temperature leaves it cold. It hardly gets sunlight, and loses what it once was. Neither does it bear fruit nor does it shine bright as it stood firm. The shade that it once provided, and the beauty that it filled the earth, is no longer alive, as it dies, when winter comes by.  Spring showers, and the sunlight brightens, the tree’s leaves return, as its heart starts beating once again. Not a characteristic that it had before is left undone; verily it has been resurrected from the Will of One. As it grows to the same strong youthfulness it carried before winter, the tree rehabilitates to its once beautiful picture.

Ponder the similarities between us and the tree. It lives with water and dies with a burn, the strength of its roots are what causes it to live. Are we not the same? It stands as a sign for observers to learn, and dies as a reminder that we will one day return. For our Lord has promised we will be resurrected, for their will be no soul that will be left, but death will overtake them.

A tree grows and dies, and relives its cycle, for its Creator has given it a fixed term of life. When will our fixed term come? Will we be resurrected as beautifully and full as the tree? Or will we come alive only to find that it would’ve been better if death were truly the end of it.


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  1. gabbie20132013 says:

    Reblogged this on Gabbie News.


    1. Anonymous says:

      thank you! Glad you liked it : )


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