She’s running to catch the bus. It’s raining, pouring…the clouds are pitch black, and all of sudden thunder strikes right in front of her eyes. She stops. She lets her hand open from her tightly grasped clutch. She looks up, not with fright, not with terror, but with fearless eyes. The drops of water touch her skin and she welcomes the tingly feeling on her face. She lets it run down her face, her hands, and her clothes. She loosens her tightly pressed lips, and smiles. She smiles. Her phone rings, the bus is still waiting far ahead. Her hand curls into a fist, her head looks straight, her lips tightly press against one another again. And she runs. She runs for the bus. She keeps running.

Image by Rubber Dragon.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice! was able to visualize this well!


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