A couple of years ago, I sat at the window and I just stared at a tree. I was fascinated by it for some reason. I thought it was amazing how various types of cells are so alike yet make such different things. Similar cells make up animals, trees, water, and humans. As humans, our DNA are actually very similar, but the changes in them are what make us. It’s amazing how temporary yet unique we are.

But why are we so unique and temporary? Rocks have a stronger impact on Earth than us; they record the history of the Earth. Most of us are forgotten at the maximum 60 years after we die. So why are we so different from each other? Why are we so unique from each other?

The obvious answer is each of us is a different person. We don’t believe the point of life is merely to continue life. Instead, it’s to be good people, worship, and obey God. Therefore, we must be different people to be judged in the after-life. Why aren’t we more similar? I’m not sure…

However, that isn’t the only answer we could have. The first answer that originally popped into my head was: it defies evolution. According to the theories, the first life was a single-celled organism—maybe even less developed than that. And slowly through a long process of survival of the fittest, it kept evolving and changing. The life forms that were unsustainable became extinct while their new and improved versions continued to evolve and become better. Life, according to evolutionists, could be compared to the evolution of the cell phone to be better understood. But according to them the phone eventually becomes a laptop, which becomes a robot. They wouldn’t coexist with each other.

Anyway, if the way we came into being is by survival of the fittest, then why aren’t we all the same? You’d think if nature got the formula right, she’d stick to it. And how are the changes between each person explained? We understand it as the different combinations of unique strands of DNA. Where does evolution fall into this? According to Islam, we have evolved. But we haven’t evolved from species to species. We simply have become shorter and smaller. (The Prophet ﷺ narrated that Adam alayhi as-salaam was ~30 meters tall.)

Continuing with the idea of evolution, why haven’t we evolved into better beings from humans? Surely the human body isn’t the ideal body. It disintegrates, gets sick, feels pain, and eventually dies. It takes millions of years for evolution, but we’ve been here for millions of years, and the only discernable change has been that we’ve become smaller.

What do you think about evolution and all of its theories?