Confessions of a Senior

It’s my fourth and final year at Rutgers. Yup, The Real World is just around the corner, and I can’t believe it—even though my fate come May 2014 is now ever-so-officially documented on this MSA blog we call Submissions.

In honor of the 2014 graduating class, I share with you 14 of my confessions:

  1. I never tasted a Fat Sandwich, or anything from the Grease Trucks for that matter.
  2. I never went to an RU football game, but I drive by the stadium everyday on my way to class.
  3. I walked from one campus to another once because I hate the bus system that much.
  4. I got bubble tea from Easton Ave probably every week of the semester so far.
  5. I missed the turn for Rutgers Gardens three times in a row.
  6. I never got a parking ticket (Alhamdulillah).
  7. I never took a Rutgers science class.
  8. I enjoyed all my Islam classes and liked the professors who taught them.
  9. I fell for the Mugrat on more than one occasion and genuinely warned my friends about the cover stories.
  10. I don’t like coffee. I went to Gerlanda’s to buy a single pint of milk at least three times.
  11. I didn’t know the LSM existed until a couple months ago.
  12. I blocked exit doors while praying, (that was before the convenient meditation rooms, of course).
  13. I made a really good friend at the Rutgers Student Center bus stop.
  14. I don’t know whether I’m excited or scared for graduation, and I don’t think a line can ever be drawn between those two feelings.

What are your senior (or junior or sophomore or freshman) confessions?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aisha says:

    I’ve never taken a class on Cook/Douglass campus and I would get completely lost if I went there. with or without a map. I’m a junior :)


    1. There’s always someone around to help! :)


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