4 Videos to Get You Back Up When You’re Down

Salaam! Salaam! Salaam!  Welcome to the Midweek Motivational where I (awesome person writing this post) try and get you through the week when you’re already halfway there.

So it’s the third week of school you’re probably back on that school grind (if not, click on this link right here), and that should help you a bit), and your load is probably starting to really pile up. Because let’s face it, in three weeks a lot can happen. You can fail a quiz, get into an argument, fall behind on classwork/extracurriculars, get RU Screwed, get a parking ticket, doubt yourself and your future career path, or all of the above.  However when life pushes you down, you get back up. And the best way to do so is via YouTube.

You’re probably like: Noura what are you talking about? That’s how people procrastinate! Sweetheart,  just hear me out.

Although YouTube can be a great method of procrastination, it can also be a great form of motivation. Seriously. It gives you access to millions of people you probably won’t get a chance to meet in real life, and sometimes those people have awesome things to say. That being said, here are 4 videos that I GUARANTEE YOU (that’s a Nouran guarantee right there) will get you back up when you’re feeling down. (Ed’s note: There are some funky beats in a couple videos, so if you’re not totally into the music scene, videos 2 and 4 are just as uplifting when muted.)

1. Kid President’s Speech

This video is probably the greatest pep talk ever given to you by someone who probably should be considered the coolest kid on the planet.  What should you take away from it? Keep dancin’ and be awesome—the world needs more Space Jam.

2. Famous Failures

Sometimes when we’re down we feel like we’re the only failures out there and everyone else is doing just dandy while we’re just failing at life. But in reality everybody fails…even the world’s most iconic figures.

3. TedxTalks

TedxTalks make me happy.  And I know for a fact they’ll make you happy as well. And although the actual talks are held sometime in April, people all over the world have access to them on YouTube. They have access to an arsenal of inspirational people that believe in ideas worth spreading and leave you in awe at the end of their talk 99.9% of the time.  When I’m down, watching inspirational people speak about doing awesome things makes me want to do awesome things as well.

4. And Lastly…Cat Videos

Last, but definitely not least, cat videos are an undervalued source of happiness. A lot of the time people seen watching cat videos are viewed as procrastinators or bums with nothing else to do, but really cat videos are your window to happiness. Their cuteness feeds your soul. You tell me how one can remain sad after watching a kitty run on a treadmill or try and catch a laser light? The answer is you can’t. You simply cannot remain mad, sad, or frustrated. You just have to forget all your troubles for three minutes, and let the kitties work their magic.

And that is all I have for today folks. Hopefully, these videos put a smile on your face just as they have with mine, and if you have any motivational videos you believe people would benefit from link them in the comments below!

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