Once upon a time, I loved eating french fries. Not just any french fries…McDonald’s french fries. Ohhhh. Yesssss.

But then something horrible happened. I found out my beloved french fries were haraam.

“For flavor enhancement, in the U.S., McDonald’s French fry suppliers use a very small amount of beef flavor as a natural flavoring during the par-frying process at the potato processing plant”.

Why, McDonald’s? Why?

Every year or so, I call them up and ask them if their fries are suitable for vegetarians, yet. And every year I’m given the same heartbreaking answer. No.

I just want fries that are suitable for vegetarians, McDonald’s. Is that so much to ask for?

But getting into the bigger issue, many products will often list “natural flavorings” in their ingredients. These “natural flavorings” can come from animal sources – including pigs – so this is definitely something to look out for. When in doubt, call the company. It literally takes only five minutes and you get straight answers.

Oh! Going back to fries for a second, some fast food restaurants will cook their fries in the same oil used for cooking meats. Be sure to ask them whether or not their fries are cooked separately from the nasty haraams.

Just in case you were wondering, from what I know:

Burger King fries = halaal.

Wendy’s fries = halaal.

But make sure to ask them if they cook their fries separately from meats or not. Different locations have different practices. So if one BK cooks fries separately, it doesn’t necessarily mean the others do, too.

Stay halaal, folks.



I stated in my first article that I acknowledge other opinions. I know different opinions exist and I respect them. I’m not saying my opinion is right and others are wrong. That would be horrible on my part. What I am saying is that I’m trying to follow the more popular and traditional opinions to the best of my ability. 

You don’t have to listen to me, and I will never tell you what I follow is the only correct way. I’m not a scholar nor am I any expert on halal. I’m just a dumb kid posting my thoughts/musings on food…because I love it. Apologies if anything comes off as offensive and feel free to disagree / correct me if I’m wrong. :)

Food is great. So is zabiha. And so are you guys.