The Trees and the Bees


“And He has subjected to you, as from Him, all that is in the heavens and on earth: behold in that are Signs indeed for those who reflect.” (Qur’an 45:13)

Every particle on this universe is programmed to praise Allah swt. The individual who observes the various mechanisms of creation’s praises, will be inspired by exemplary models of worship and expand his or her love for Allah. And let’s be honest, after realizing how amazing and intricate creation is, how can one’s heart not be in awe of the Creator’s perfection?

Take, for example, a tree. Some people look at a tree, and just see a trunk with branches and leaves. But a believer will look at a tree and think, SubhanAllah, this tree is taking in carbon dioxide—my waste—and is converting it into oxygen—something that is benefitting me. I should be like this tree. When people unleash their anger at me, I will return their hostility with love.

There are also lessons to be learned from bees. When the best of men, Prophet Muhammad (saw), wanted to correct someone’s behavior, he would stand on a pulpit and say, “What is wrong with the people…?”—notice the vague expression—he did not say, “What is wrong with so-and-so?” He didn’t call anyone out, embarrass anyone, or ask for a fight. He was the best to the people around him, and didn’t go searching for trouble. Bees, in the same way, don’t go searching for stench and garbage.  They follow the sunnah. They leave their hives, seeking beautiful flowers and sweet nectar. They only seek out fragrant scent while ignoring filth. Humans, in this way, should not be like a fly that seeks out wounds and garbage. We shouldn’t shine a spotlight on people’s faults and mistakes to boost our own egos.

Bees are also remarkably hard working creatures.  Their lives are short—only averaging one month—yet they work during all 2,592,000 seconds of it. A typical honey bee doesn’t rest until she has completed her entire day’s tasks; she will flap her wings 12,000 in a minute and visit 2,000 flowers in a day. She manages to complete her tasks because she knows the purpose of her existence, and she is set on fulfilling it. In the same way, a believer sets his eye on Jannat Al Firdous, and everything he does—work, talk, study, exercise—is to please Allah so that he may reach his goal. A believer will not rest until he reaches Jannat Al Firdous. In this life of poverty, hardship and trials, Abdullah (the son of Imam Ahmed rah), asked his father one day, “Abi when will we ever relax?” His father, one of the greatest revivers of the Sunnah, a role model for all Muslims, looked him in the eye and said, “With the first step we take into Jannah.”

To quote Rumi, “reflection is the lamp of the heart, if it departs the heart has no light”. When you do this for the first time, you find yourself in wonder and awe at the setting and rising of the sun, the shade of the trees, and the flapping of a bird’s wings. Having let it all go unnoticed up until that point, you become filled with a hard, aching love for the Perfection that is present all around you.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is beautiful mashallah :’)


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