About Me by Aliyah Aliyah


My name is Aysha Lakhani and I. Am. Aliyah Aliyah (=O. shocked, no?).

I’m not sure why I picked Aliyah as my pen name last year, something about it just spoke to me. It’s not like I secretly wished my name was Aliyah or anything, I think I just liked it because it has similar letters to my actual name, and also I was getting tired of looking up names that’s start with A on Muslim baby name websites.

Alright so the name of my column is Chill Your Dil (and for our non-desi friends, Dil means heart). The reason I picked this as my column name is because of my little sister. She would always go around saying “chill your dil” in the hopes of making it a catch phrase, so I made it the name of my blog in the off chance it would catch on (acronym for it is CYD, let’s make this happen). Plus it rhymes so that’s pretty cool. But all jokes aside, I think it’s an appropriate name as well, especially for a college blog. As we are all too familiar with, college comes a lot more than just a heavy course load. There’s stress, friends, family, clubs, work and a whole lot of other things putting pressure on us as college Muslims. So every once in a while I think it’s good for us all to take a step back to chill our dils and sort out what is really important in our lives and what is essentially just a distraction keeping us away from our faith.

Each individual’s distraction is different and everyone has their own personal and unique story. My column is my own story and most of what I write is based off of the experiences that I’ve gone through. It’s definitely not the literary work of the century, and my grammar isn’t going to help it, but I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say.

And if you think my work is whack, that I have said something wrong or that I have offended you (which I have no intention of doing to anyone), or anyyyy other remarks good or bad, please feel free to comment or shoot me an email separately. You know who I am and I have voiced my opinion, and you should have every right to as well  I won’t get offended, I promise).


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