About Me by Zee

Bismillahi Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

AsSalaamu-alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

I thought about starting with something really lame like “Call me Zee because I like Z for Zabiha” but…that would be lame.

The statement still holds true though. I love zabiha halal food :) I am very strict when it comes to eating zabiha halal. I understand differences of opinion exist on what “halal” is so let me lay something down for you right here: I eat in accordance to the four schools of fiqh and I always take the popular opinion. I like to check every ingredient and call up companies to make sure the products they are selling do not contain anything coming from a non-zabiha-halal animal source. I don’t go by the whole “he said-she said / let-me-show-you-a-chain-email-dating-ten-years-back-about-how-halal-this-product-is” nonsense. I want straight facts and I want them directly from the people making the food. I try to stay away from doubt as much as possible – so just because I choose to avoid certain foods does not mean it is impermissible to consume. I’m just being careful. I do not know of all the halal and haram products out there. I am no scholar. I’m just a rinky dink kid who strives to be as careful as possible and works with what resources are available to determine the permissibility of consuming particular foods. Taqwa over fatwa?


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