Recently in the news, Zhudi Jasser, the anti-Muslim err, “Muslim” thanked the NYPD for spying his fellow Muslims (aka stealth Jihadists) and defended his remarks by saying in an interview that there needs to be a balance and diversity in media reports when covering the spying story. What better a way to balance proud Muslims with a Muslim apologetic, right? He also said, “We are not here to criticize the NYPD, but rather to thank them for doing the work that we as Muslims should be doing, which is monitoring extremism…and helping counter the ideologies that create radicalization in our communities.” Is he right, or is he right?! I mean, he probably has so much support from the American Muslim community; they must be piling their zakat toward his organization, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), yeah?!


Jasser’s approach throws the whole Muslim community under the radar, and only funds Islamaphobia in America. Weird that he thinks he’s helping American Muslims because his organization is funded by other Islamophobic organizations that even he admits have anti-Muslim leanings. For example, Foster Freiss, the Christian and conservative financier that is funding Rick Santorum’s PAC because Santorum is, “incredibly versed in one of the number one issues of our time—and that is violent Islamic extremism”, has funneled $100,000 to AIFD. In a commencement speech Freiss warned the crowd to not believe Muslims, who he actually called—“secular Taliban”— who think their values should be cherished as much as other people’s values. The Clarion Fund also donated $10,000 to AIFD and oh, would you look at that, Jasser is a board member, and even narrated their film, “The Third Jihad”, which rallied NYPD officers by warning them that Muslim extremists are attempting to infiltrate America.

In any case, this speaks to a larger picture. Though Muslims aren’t trying to “infiltrate and dominate the US” the idea that a Muslim caliphate is a threat to everyone’s lives is ridiculous. Peter King’s hearings, bans on Shariah, Park 51: Jasser’s statements join a growing list of Islamophobia in the US today. This fear not only stems from lack of knowledge but also knowledge of history that has been rewritten to systematically eliminate Muslim contributions in the world. During the Park 51 “controversy” people were even offended by the name of the Islamic center—Cordoba house—because they thought it was supposed to represent Muslims conquering Christian land. This paranoia takes root in ignorance about Moor’s Spain. How many of you read about the dark ages in Europe, and not the enlightenment happening in Muslim ruled Spain at the very same time? How many of you were told that the Renaissance was born in Italy, and not under Muslim rule in Toledo? The idea that Islam is violent not only stems from modern day terrorism, but lack of knowledge of Islam’s history.

In my next post, I will briefly outline contributions of Muslim caliphates, and after that, present day terrorism, iA. But now, I want to start out talking about Islam’s beginnings.

It is safe to say that no other religion can claim to have not been spread by the sword. Any violence during the Prophet’s time (saw) was in self-defense. In contrast, the Bible rewards herem (refer to the Book of Samuel), meaning total annihilation, or genocide against innocents in conquering new lands. In modern day political terms, the spread of Islam can be considered an ideological revolution, and never in our world’s history has an ideological revolution taken place over just 23 years. For example, the American Revolution only changed the American political scene, lasted 27 years, and an estimated 25,000 people died. The goal of the Bolshevik Revolution was purely economic. Karl Marx wrote his manifesto 60 years before the revolution, meaning it took people that long to risk their lives for this ideology. A civil war followed and 2 million people died during the revolution and during the following civil war.

All this blood brought economic, political, and social change, but did it change people’s lifestyle? No. Did it change the way they ate, drank, or spoke? No. Did their culture change? No. Did their purpose in life change? Nope. Islam changed all of this and what people saw as right and wrong in their hearts in a matter of 23 years. Non-Muslims love quoting the Qur’an to relay the perception that Islam spread by the sword. One often-quoted ayah is in surah Taubah, where Allah (swt) says, “…kill the Mushrikun wherever you find them…” The only difference between what I wrote and what they quote is that they conveniently forget the ellipses. The ayah continues, “but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful”. After Mecca was conquered, the Prophet (saw) was told to kill the disbelievers, but only after a period of four months. To start off, it is sunnatullah that when a group of people brutally rejects a prophet in his lifetime, they will not only be punished in the hereafter, but in this life as well, and disbelievers after the prophets’ lifetimes, will face punishment in the hereafter. Christians too, believe in this concept of punishment during and after the time of the prophets. Floods, earthquakes—you name it—the only tribe to rebel and not be demolished by Allah was Bani Israel. Disbelievers were always told to fear the punishment, but they continued to mock the prophets, regardless. The punishment would always come and wipe out nations of disbelievers. Once the punishment hit, there was no opportunity to repent, no more chances to accept the truth. Once Mecca was conquered the disbelievers were at the mercy of the Muslims. By the compassion of Allah (swt) they weren’t destroyed like the nations before them. They were given a four-month period to contemplate the message with no pressure. They could flee, convert, or stay and continue to futilely fight against the Muslims. Allah could’ve annihilated them, but he put them at the mercy of the believers, and gave them four months to rethink, or flee. SubhanAllah, this is the religion Jasser and his cronies believe is a threat.


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