By: Jaweerya Mohammad

History has a way
Of coming back again,
Like the ocean waves
It travels back
And hurdles toward
Land again,
The Trail of Tears
Have accumulated,
Forming a river
  That runs eastward,
It drowns the people,
Leaves bodies scattered,
The people forced to leave
Look back
One last time,
Before they say,
‘It’s just like what happened
In Sabra and Shatila’,
Olive trees uprooted,
Land razed
Of all that is breathing,
Foreign faces
With foreign tongues
Claim the fruits
Of natives’
Back breaking work,
And filthy money
Is pocketed
Into a filthier agenda,
It’s the same show
That Belgium
Performed on the Congo,
The Berlin Wall’s
Been broken down
But another stands tall,
Doubling its height,
It snakes away
Through the West Bank,
Tearing family seams apart,
Devastating damage
Like that of separating
Fish from water,
And like the Civi
l Rights Movement
Palestinians fight for justice,
Checkpoints litter the streets,
Hosed down with teargas
If they speak,
Asking for equality
In a land they were born in
Is beyond irony,
Airstrikes hit Gaza,
Screams of agony
Vibrate loudly,
Limping bodies
With bloody khafiyas appear,
And amidst them
Are ghosts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
These history events
Close and unravel,
Things we claimed
Would never happen again
Have found their way
Into the present,
It is our silence
That has acted
As a time machine
Making history Rewind.

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