Wake Up

By: DH

We must be sleeping. It’s probably a very deep sleep, too, the kind that explosions and gunfire and screams don’t penetrate. How else could we be so calm in the face of our brothers and sisters being annihilated? Surely we couldn’t be willfully sitting by idly, right? The rest of our Ummah that isn’t occupied with being massacred must also be sleeping, then. Jordan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the other “Muslim” nations couldn’t intentionally be ignoring the cries of agony and death from the Middle East, could they?

Imagine watching your innocent brother or sister getting lost in an explosion. Being riddled with bullets. Snatched away, never to return. Could you bear it? Would you do nothing? It seems like we would, because that is our reaction to what’s happening every day to people who ARE our brothers and sisters. People with whom we share a bond stronger than blood are being brutally slaughtered, and we do nothing? We must be sleeping.

Some of us might think of some charity thing or other and feebly answer, “we are doing something”. Well, ask yourself, what is that, exactly? Will it really help? What solution have we presented and actually enacted? More on point: what are the subjects of our discussions now? For surely we must be talking about how to resolve this urgent issue, right? More urgent, of course, than talking about trivial topics like the validity of Valentine’s Day and the Prophet’s birthday, right? I certainly wouldn’t care to waste time on Jeremy Lin and Whitney Houston while my siblings were being murdered, would I? This must be a very deep sleep, indeed.

If you’re going to argue that you’re not sleeping, then my answer to you is that you are, but not in the sense that you think — we, my brothers and sisters, are in a state of intellectual slumber. Our minds have been completely shut off and shut out from the sorts of ideas and issues we need to be discussing, and I promise you that that is not by chance. Those of us taking the time to look past the media cesspool of worthless information and see our Ummah crying in the distance need to ask not how to merely stop the oppression, but how to stop the force that made that oppression possible. Syria’s problem is not Bashar Al-Assad, as Egypt’s problem was not Hosni Mubarak. The real problem is the system that allowed such wretched men to take power in the first place.

We need to look at the bigger picture. We’re not just Muslims in our community, in this country. We’re Muslims in an Ummah: one body, one banner, one family. These talks about the fiqh of beard length and how best to get married for the umpteenth time are somewhat important, sure, and have their place, but if we don’t widen the scope of our deen to encompass more than ourselves, we will lose on all fronts. Islam is a complete way of life that includes all aspects of our existence, down to how we conduct ourselves on a global scale. Alhamdulillahi rabbil ‘alameen, our Lord did not leave room in this deen for men and their house of cards social systems. So then, why do we let such systems propagate and take over our lives? How is it not a crime to watch and let Man establish every terrible idea they can come up with (at the expense of our blood) while ignoring what our Creator already gave us?

We must be sleeping, brothers and sisters. And it’s time to wake up.


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