RU Looking for a Place to Pray?

By: Aliya Aliya

Say, “Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance; and we have been commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds. And to establish prayer and fear Him.” And it is He to whom you will be gathered. – Quran 6:71-72


Student Center– Top floor, walk straight, passed the hallway with the bathrooms, and on your right is a nice corner to pray. It’s like the Paul Robeson of Livingston (Qiblah is facing the wall where the garbage cans are, may be a slight tilt to the left, everyone’s compass seems to give a different direction every time)

Beck– Room 215? (Or is it? I’m not even sure if this room has a number, it’s next to room 213 though). This is the room that Livingston forgot, it’s completely empty, and students use it as a pass way to get to the hallway on the other side (it has two exits). Rutgers uses it to store a huge laser disk machine (what a fail). If you’re facing the laser disk player, the Qiblah is facing the wall on your left, with a slant towards the right corner.

Lucy Stone– You’ll be lucky if you find your classroom in this building, let alone a place to pray. No point in trying to find/explain a good place to pray, you’ll just get lost and miss your prayer. I suggest just going to the second floor, find some random corner, and throw your janamaz down and start praying.


Paul Robeson Cultural center– nuff said. If you’re on the other side of this campus and need to pray, you better walk to PR; there is no other place to pray on Busch.

College Ave

Graduate Student Lounge– Yes, undergraduates can go in here. 97% of the time, they will NOT check your ID. Walk in, say salaam to your A-rab brothers and sisters chillin on the couches, and next to the fire place (it’s a fire place right? I’m remembering correctly?) There’s usually an empty opening. If you’re facing the fireplace, turn left- Qiblah is facing that wall. If there isn’t an empty opening there, after the reception desk there’s a small corner where the emergency exit is. That is also a good spot.

Student Center– Outside the MPR lounge area- this one is kind of hard to explain. Let’s say you’re at the first entrance for the Multi Purpose room. Turn right and walk toward the back entrance for the multipurpose room. Once you get there, keep walking. You’ll hit this weird emergency exit corner. Qiblah is facing the door.
If MPR is closed, go up to the Fourth floor to the S-lounge (it’s called an S-lounge cuz the couches are in the shape of an S). Walk around the halls trying to find an open room, there is usually one opened. If you can’t find one- walk all the way to the back where the Rutgers Radio and other media rooms are, and just pray in that corner, toward the doors that lead to the stairs. No one really passes by there. The Qiblah is the opposite direction of the stairway.


First I would like to say, if you’re on Douglass, I am really sorry. That is just a terrible place to be. I feel for you man, that was my freshman year.

Student center– Upstairs on the second floor- Walk toward the glass office and turn into the hallway on your right. Try and see if any of the conference rooms there are open as you walk down. If they’re not- at the end of the hallway there’s an opening. Qiblah is on your left. And yes, I know it’s facing towards a door (you should check to see if it’s open so you can pray in there, by the way) but no one really goes into that room.

Library– the Douglass library is actually really nice. I usually go downstairs and pray in the spaces in-between the blocks of cubicles. You can look out the windows; the Qiblah is the same direction as the entrance to the church that is adjacent to the library.

Also a really good place to pray: Go to the basement, find the scanner machine. Next to the scanner there is a door, go through it. On your left there is an empty room where the elevator is. No one really uses the elevator, and it’s a pretty big space so even if someone does use the elevator- you won’t be in their way. Qiblah is facing the right wall.

All Campuses

If you still can’t find a spot, the library is always a good place to pray! Just walk around and you’re sure to come across a good spot!


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