Reputation of Rasulullah

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.16.43 PMBy: Muadh

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The bitter bite of grief sunk into the Messenger of Allah, sallAllahu ‘alayhi wassalam. Of all the tragedies he had faced, the one that he now experienced was painful unlike any other. The Messenger of Allah had just lost his sons, Qasim and ‘Abdullah. And as he went out of his house to face the world, coping with his grief as best he could, there were those who tried to drive in that dagger of pain, deeper and deeper. “Muhammad is abtar!” they shouted as he passed. “Muhammad is cut off, [with no sons to carry his name and lineage forward]!” they gloated.

There were two different types of people among the enemies of Rasulullah, sallAllahu ‘alayhi wassalam. On the one hand there were those who maintained a sense of dignity and nobility, even as they opposed him, and weren’t crude or obnoxious in their attacks upon the Messenger of Allah. But on the other hand were those who stooped to every low in their hatred. These were people who dumped animal carcasses on him as he made Salah by the Ka’aba. They were those who tried to physically assault him on many occasions. And they were those who used the sad occasion of the deaths of his children to mock and degrade him, a despicable and low thing to do.

Today, as ever before, the character of the Rasulullah, is under attack. So-called Islam experts make millions every year, writing articles and books, doing interviews on Fox and conservative talk radio, defaming Muhammad, sallahu ‘alayhi wassalam. It gets the Muslims’ blood boiling when they see all the haters spew their venom online, brave behind the veil of anonymity the Internet provides. It’s hard to ignore or avoid it. One minute you’re rocking out to the Colors of Islam nasheed by Dawud Wharnsby on Youtube, then you scroll down to the comments and BAM! Out of nowhere someone’s trolling. These commentators don’t care that most people watching are kids; they don’t worry that by their words they’re putting down and bullying children. By their actions they show themselves to be the heirs of the riff-raff of Makkah. Just as the likes of Abu Jahl and Umayyah bin Khalaf drowned their humanity in hate, so too do these modern day Spencers and Gellars.

We need to have a controlled, effective response to this campaign of defamation, one driven neither by pure emotion nor pure apathy. Rasulullah held his head high and didn’t allow the attacks to stop him in his mission. He continued to call to Tawhid, the pure, beautiful monotheism of Islam. He continued to speak out against the social and economic evils practiced by his ignorant people. He continued in the mission Allah (swt) had entrusted him with. That is the man we model ourselves after. We will educate the people about who he was and what his message is. We will strive to imitate his character and his behavior as much as possible, and by holding tight to his Sunnah, show our love and honor for him.

The truth will be made clear to the world just as it was made clear to the Arabs in the time of Rasulullah and his companions. The most obnoxious leaders of Quraysh were killed, even as they marched to attack the Muslims, at the Battle of Badr. Since the day Islam returned to Makkah, idolatry was dealt a death-blow in the Hijaz, and the sound of La ilaha ilAllah has been resonating across the world.

And yet, this knowledge does not stop the words of the liars and defamers from piercing our hearts; it hurts us to hear the loud, angry voices turned against a man we hold so dear to our hearts.

But yet: Every day before the Sun rises in the East of the world, a Mu’addhin in Japan is declaring, “Ash hadu anna Muhammad ar-RasulAllah!” “I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah!” And as dawn nears the mountains and valleys of China, the thousands and millions people of the believing nations there wake up to that sound,multiplied manyfold by the repetition on their lips. And it echoes in the Sindh and the Punjab, in the mountains and highlands of Khurasaan. The mention of Muhammad is announced across the wide lands of Iraq and Shaam. The Hijaaz remembers its native son, as does the land of his ancient forefathers, Filasteen. As the Sun breaks through the night over the world, the teeming Muslim masses of Misr and the Maghrib, victorious yet still fighting for their lives, hear hope come again in the remembrance of the Messenger and his struggles. And the athaan is sounded in the modern metropolises of Europe, and in echoes across time from the jewel of the world, that was Al-Andalus. By this time, as Fajr comes to the Sea and the growing, thriving communities of Muslims in the lands west thereof, the lands east are again are calling the athaan for the time of Zhuhr and ‘Asr.

Not a single moment passes on Earth when the praise of the Messenger of Allah, sallahu ‘alayhi wassalam is not heard, not a single moment goes by in which thousands are not bearing witness to the truth of his Message. Compared to this, what are the all the lies and the propaganda put out by the enemies of the Messenger of Islam worth? Haters gonna hate! They are trying to extinguish light from the world by spitting at the Sun.

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